Champagne Memories And How Brian Clough Changed My Life: My Story - Colin Shields with Marcus Alton

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Author: Colin Shields

ISBN: 1780910444

Number Of Pages: 168

Publisher: JMD Media

Details: Colin Shields was an ordinary fan – this is his extraordinary story. Colin was a close friend of the charismatic football manager Brian Clough for more than twenty years, becoming one of the few people – besides the players – who Brian would allow to travel on the team bus. From behind the scenes at TV appearances to carrying bags of laundry together on holiday in Majorca, even the mundane became memorable in the company of Brian Clough. Looking back, from the moment they met to Colin’s last conversation with his famous friend, ‘Champagne Memories’ adds more stories to the Clough legend including his unbounded generosity and his intriguing unpredictability. In this fascinating account of life with the Master Manager, Colin describes many poignant memories of their friendship. Benefitting the Royal British Legion, the NSPCC and the tribute website,

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