Everton Quiz Quota: 300 Questions Every Blues Fan Should Know

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Author: Mr G Watson

Edition: 1

ISBN: 1533698945

Number Of Pages: 92

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Details: As an Everton supporter, it is important you know of and appreciate the history of this great football club. Since 1878, Everton have been plying their trade in the English Football League. Everton are a club rich in history and have undoubtedly one the most well-regarded histories in English football. Whatever happens in the present could not have occurred without the past. Do you fancy yourself as an Everton Brainbox? Are you always the 'right' one amongst your mates? Do you know the answer to the following: 1. Which club did Everton sign Ray Wilson from in 1964? 2. Which Everton player was the first Brazilian To play for Everton in 2002? 3. Thomas Graveson joined Everton from which German club?

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