Train Like Dortmund. Play Like Dortmund.: 30 Exercises That Will Have Your Team Playing Like Borussia Dortmund

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Author: Marcus DiBernardo

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 48

Details: This book is not designed to break down Dortmund’s 4-2-3-1 Formation. It is not an in depth tactical analysis of each players roles and responsibilities in the system. If you are interested in details of the 4-2-3-1 system you can pick up my book “Playing The Modern 4-2-3-1”. The focus of this book is to provide you with training ground exercises that focus on the major principles and concepts that Dortmund embrace in their style of play. The exercises I selected or designed are not Dortmund's but teach their style. Each exercise directly relates to the “Training Model” that fits with Dortmund’s “Game Model”. The exercises focus on the four phases of the game: attacking transition, attacking organization, defensive transition and defensive organization. Dortmund is known for their quick and efficient counter attack (attacking transition), which focuses on taking advantage of the early moments of attacking transition. Once Dortmund turnover possession, they work very hard to immediately regain possession by pressing intensely (defensive transition). Playing the Dortmund style requires excellent fitness levels, strong mental commitment, high technical ability, willingness to work for the team and tactical intelligence. It is not an easy way to play but if carried out correctly, it can be extremely effective and frustrating for the opponents. There are no easy games when playing against a team like Dortmund who counter and press so well.

The sessions in the book focus on counter attacking, possession with penetrating passing, defensive pressing and developing quick technical passing ability. These exercises will have your team training like Dortmund and after time playing like Dortmund (training model = game model). I would strongly recommend that you also read my book “Tactical Periodization: Made Simple” in order to get a greater understanding of how to organize and create a training system like the ones the top clubs in the world use. I hope you find the exercises rewarding!

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