Why Soccer Matters: A Look at More Than Sixty Years of International Soccer

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Author: Pelé

Edition: Reprint

ISBN: 0451468759

Number Of Pages: 304

Publisher: Celebra

Details: “I know in my heart that soccer was good to me, and great to the world....I saw, time and again, how the sport improved countless millions of lives, both on and off the field. For me, at least, that’s why soccer matters.”

The world’s most popular sport goes by many names—soccer, football, the beautiful game—but fans have always agreed on one thing: The greatest player of all time was Pelé. During his twenty-year career, he was heralded as an international treasure, and his accomplishments on the field proved to be pure magic: an unprecedented three World Cup championships and the all-time scoring record, with 1,283 goals. Since retiring, he has traveled the world as soccer’s global ambassador, relentlessly promoting the positive ways soccer can transform young men and women, struggling communities, even entire nations.

Now, for the first time, the legendary star and humanitarian explores the sport’s recent history and provides new insights into the game. With unparalleled openness, he shares his most inspiring experiences, heartwarming stories, and hard-won wisdom. This is Pelé’s legacy, his way of passing on everything he’s learned and inspiring a new generation. In Why Soccer Matters, Pelé details his ambitious goals for the future of the sport and, by extension, the world.

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